Our Purpose

Circle Seafoods is shaping the future of the wild seafood industry.

We recognize the current systems are faulty, and we are passionate about reshaping them for the benefit of our fishermen and customers.

Quality & Value

By freezing fish at ultra-low temperatures, right at sea, we are increasing the quality and value of wild seafood. The result is higher prices, economically viable harvesting, thriving communities, and stronger fisheries.

Innovation & Integrity

Just as a circle symbolizes strength and new life, Circle Seafoods is a symbol of innovation and integrity in the industry. We are dedicated to fair treatment, ethical conduct, and reliable, profitable progress.

We are Circle:

Shaping the Future of Wild Seafood.

The Circle Difference

Investing in a future that is…


Circle Seafoods is launching our first floating processor and cold storage facility. Our barges have state-of-the-art refrigeration systems, sorting and grading technology, and innovative data collection in order to produce the highest quality
product possible, and prove it.


Our barges not only freeze and store wild seafood right on the water, they are also your home away from home. Circle provides the comforts of town every time you tie up to one of our barges. Perks and necessities include laundry, showers, high speed internet, on-call mechanics, free slush ice, and, most importantly, hot food.


Once the season is over, the barge switches from a processor to a transporter and cold storage, moving your catch closer to reprocessing facilities where fish is then portioned and ready for distribution on demand.

Circle Team

Our growing team brings decades of success in seafood processing, engineering, business building, and renewable food systems. Everyone at Circle is committed to and passionate about quality, fair treatment, good ethics, and profit.