Our Team

Our team understands the importance of wild seafood and is committed to improving the industry in an honest, ethical, and fair way.

We bring over 40 years of experience improving Alaska’s seafood industry and use proven tactics from decades of experience in finance and business development.


  • Pat Glaab

    Pat Glaab

  • Eren Shultz

    Eren Shultz

  • Charlie Campbell

    Charlie Campbell


Team Members

  • David Miller

    David Miller

    Project Manager
  • Savannah Ulrich

    Savannah Ulrich

    Operations Manager
  • Deep Patel

    Deep Patel

    Associate Mechanical Engineer
  • Cheryl Hidalgo

    Cheryl Hidalgo

    Office Manager
  • Markus Paige

    Markus Paige

    Construction Manager
  • Cristal Venegas

    Cristal Venegas

  • Bill Hildebrandt

    Bill Hildebrandt

    Industrial Mechanic
  • Artemis Klejka

    Artemis Klejka

    Systems Engineer
  • Kyle Felt

    Kyle Felt

  • Dakota Miller

    Dakota Miller

  • Jesse Bollen

    Jesse Bollen

    Construction Lead
  • Elias Jiménez Jr.

    Elias Jiménez Jr.

    Electrical Assistant
  • Jessie Olson

    Jessie Olson

  • Ricardo Oritz

    Ricardo Oritz

    Construction Associate
  • Eve Minehan

    Eve Minehan

    Human Capital & Administration Specialist
  • Mario Merino

    Mario Merino

    Construction Associate
  • Oscar Merino

    Oscar Merino

    Construction Assistant
  • Tyler Wilder

    Tyler Wilder

    Construction Assistant
  • Jose Rogelio

    Jose Rogelio

    Construction Assistant
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