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Improve your experience and your bottom line

The economics of wild salmon are broken, Circle Seafoods is changing that. By increasing efficiency and quality, our fleet will earn more for their catch and have a better experience while doing so.

There are five core pillars to the improved
experience we promise to our fleet:

The launch of our first barge is right around the corner. Check out how our innovative technology will be implemented in the construction of our first barge, taking place in Aberdeen, Washington.

Learn about the 20 ways Circle Seafoods is increasing the value of wild fish by downloading our one-pager.

We will continue to show you how we are building these solutions through webinars, social media, and in-person events.

  1. Reduce tendering by 75% to lower costs per pound of production
  2. Provide services to fishermen directly on the grounds,
available 24/7 to improve experience and increase time fishing
  3. Reduce unload times for fishermen to
maximize fishing time for fleet
  4. Where needed, offer free slush ice to limit quality loss
  5. Sort and grade fish at point of sale to match pay with quality for each individual fisherman
  6. Round freeze (i.e the whole salmon) to lower production costs and improve quality
  7. One-step processing to lower costs, better preserve quality, reduce waste, and increase traceability 
  8. Transport fish out of Alaska in bulk (not using shipping containers) to lower transportation costs
  9. Objective quality measurement for every fish delivered to maximize value of each fish in end markets